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Jaak Sooäär "Laulud ja lood"

Guitarist and composer Jaak Sooäär has been one of the busiest jazz musicians of the Baltics during the last decades. Sheet music book "Laulud ja lood" ("Songs and tunes") is being published on the occasion of the author's 50th anniversary and includes a selection of songs written for various ensembles during his colorful creative career.

The 30 songs in the new compilation book introduce the repertoire of Jaak Sooäär’s various ensembles. As the title suggests, the book is divided into two parts – songs and instrumental pieces. Tunes from the repertoire of bands like Eesti Keeled, Juhan, Tuule Kann-Jaak Sooäär, Sooäär/Yaralyan/Ounaskari, Heavy Beauty, Sooäär-Vaigla-Ruben and others are included.

The book is suitable for playing for both, beginners and intermediates. 

NB! For orders outside of Estonia, please write directly to info@readkirjastus.ee.
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Sabaga täht/A Shooting Star 
Mere tagant 
Valgust valgub 
Nendel on teised silmad
Kella tiksumist
Kandke vilja kannatades
Ei ma mõista palvet teha
Kust jalgtee kõrvale käänab


Teisele kaldale/To The Other Side
Goodbye July
Rõõmus vang/Cheerful Prisoner
Vaga vesi
Waltz For A.A.
Happy Monster
Perfect Escape
Portrait Of A Small Plant
Almost Dreaming
Winter Song
Bottle Eater
Ten Little Funky Vikings
Kõver Polka/Twisted Polka
Happy End
Rainy Summer